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:-) Plan for a family reunion this summer at Boulder Creek Lodge & RV Park :-)

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

For many families, life's day to day burdens are numerous and often get in conflict with the planning of large family reunions.

One of the primary reasons that motivated Jennifer and I purchased Boulder Creek Lodge and RV Park was the prospect of bringing families together and helping them reconnect.

Over the past four years we have experienced several large family reunions that have rented the entire resort with family reunion participants of 80+ family members.

It's always fun to see the interactions between family members both close and distant. Initially, the groups of family members are grouped by close family members and the distant family members scattered in smaller groups.

Usually by the second or third day of the reunion, the extended family groups no longer exist.

The close family member groups become huge around one huge fire ring with 30 + lawn chairs with smores being built by everyone. Finally, those that are not sitting around the fire rings are involved with large yard type games played by big numbers comprised of the youth or younger adults attending the reunion.

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