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THINK MONTANA - NBC Today Show Hosts it's GO TIME

It is time to explore the Great Outdoors and THINK MONTANA in an RV, on the part of the NBC Today Show with NBC Today Show - RV Travel Celebration of 2021 in an RV (recreational vehicle).

As a nation we have fought many obstacles and hardships in 2020 and we all find ourselves in need of travel and outdoors while continuing to adhere to pandemic precautions. The time has arrived for Americans to "seize the moment" in fighting back the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on small business, hospitality industry and tourism in general in the United States.

My wife and I are devoted watchers of NBC Today nearly every day during the offseason from running Boulder Creek Lodge Montana.

Jennifer and I have truly laughed and enjoyed the diverse and entertaining feature stories that have been so prevalent this past year during the Covid-19 juggernaut. While some of the news features have been fun, this past year many stories have also featured the trials, tribulations and nightmarish Covid-19 experienced by many around the world since last March when the virus became widely known.

We would like to believe in the hope that all will be better in 2021, and perhaps we will return to what was the normal.

It is sometimes a tad bit difficult contemplating the idea of returning to a resemblance of what we considered normal prior to January of 2020.

However, the cast of the Today Show has soldiered on, doing their level best to bring an overflowing cup of optimism to all of its viewers. In doing so along the way they have conveyed on a least two occasions that it was time for an RV trip.

Al Roker and others on the Today Show have been a huge advocate of RV Travel Vacations over the years I have been watching NBC Today Show.

A lot has changed over the years and the RV's have grown in amenities and features that now make traveling in an RV just as comfortable as living in a small comfortable apartment, but on wheels.

It is my hope that NBC - Today Show will use their status to jump start the travel and hospitality business devastated by this epidemic. My desire is that they target Boulder Creek Lodge Montana as the "GO TO" destination for their RV Adventure in 2021.

Ten reasons why Boulder Creek Lodge Montana should be the Today Show destination.

Boulder Creek Lodge Montana:

  1. Is referred to as "The Happiest Place in Montana"

  2. Has RV sites that are pull-through and big-rig friendly

  3. Has RV Park has amazing WI-FI connection perfect for national live feed

  4. Has a Restaurant onsite with breakfast and dinner menu

  5. Located in the beautiful State of Montana

  6. Philipsburg, Montana is only 11 miles south

  7. World Famous Candy Store - Sweet Palace in Philipsburg

  8. Montana Gems for sapphire mining is located in Philipsburg

  9. Philipsburg Brewing Company

  10. World Class Fishing awaits

  11. Is located in Southwest Montana

  12. Historic Garnet Ghost is but a short trip

  13. Located midway between Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park

  14. Located midway between Missoula, Montana, Helena, Montana and Butte, Montana

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