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Father - Daughter Celebrate College Graduation and First Job post college at Boulder Creek Lodge

Attention... All you Dads out there, that have an amazing daughter or son please step forward at this time.

I know that this is 2019, and there are hundreds, if not thousands of different gifts that a good father can give to their son or daughter upon graduating from college and finding that very first job.

College Graduation Cabin Weekend
Father gifts to daughter a no technology weekend for College graduation and first job

Let's be honest with ourselves, Dads. Probably 99% of all those gifts that are thought to be special can be wrapped and tied with a bow. In fact according to USAToday there are 16 great gifts for college graduate.

I would argue that probably only few, perhaps 1% will have a chance to be remembered for your son or daughters entire life.

This past weekend I had a father - daughter stay here at Boulder Creek Lodge to celebrate the daughter's college graduation and the starting of her first job post college. They spent four days with me here at Boulder Creek Lodge and I am pretty sure they enjoyed every moment including the rain.

It was pretty obvious that their four day experience will live vividly in their memories for the rest of both of their lives. Probably the icing on the memory for life cake, was that they made it a "NO TECHNOLOGY WEEKEND and focused every waking moment on each other.

The weather may not have completely cooperated, but perhaps it did in many ways. The laughs and smiles I saw and heard between them while struggling to start a fire in the evenings with wet fire wood following the days rains. In this instance the rain added to the celebration and made the weekend just that much more memorable for the two of them.

The two of them spent some time together attempting to fish here in Southwest Montana just outside of Philipsburg, Montana. I am pretty sure they also visited The Sweet Palace the famous candy store and the Philipsburg Brewery.

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