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Unleash your "Happy" Montana S'more Style this summer

The word "Happy", an adjective - is defined as feeling, showing, or expressing joy, pleased, causing joy or gladness. Sadly, the word has generally not been placed prior to the numbers 2020 as an adjective to describing the year in the rear-view mirror.

The reality is that most of us on the planet Earth would just rather forget the year 2020 in its entirety. As a parent of two and grandparent of three, I had many truly special moments in 2020 thanks in part to Covid. The reality is that the remnants of Covid-19 will linger into 2021, even those that suffered the most with Covid19 are fighters and constantly pursuing a silver lining to their Covid challenge.

Ok... it is now time to take a seriously large and consuming deep breath and welcome 2021 as a year of hope and happiness. On a daily basis doing everything within our strength and abilities to push Covid difficulties into the recesses of our collective minds.

It is now January of 2021, the snow is falling the temps are generally in the 20's and did I mention overcast? None the less, NOW is the time to find something to get excited about or to be "Happy" about in order not to come down with a serious case of the winter blues.

I cannot tell you how many times individuals, couples, families, groups, have enjoyed the

tranquility of sitting around the campfire roasting marshmallows and making the time-honored tradition of the gourmet, aka "The Perfect S'more" that legends are made.

What better source to look for the perfect s'more recipe than with the Legendary Hershey Company


  1. Place 1/2 of HERSHEY'S Milk Chocolate Bar (1.55 oz.) on graham cracker half.

  2. Using a long stick or metal skewer, toast marshmallow over flame until golden brown or desired char. Rotate periodically. Avoid tilting rod or skewer downward. Supervise any children during this step.

  3. Place toasted marshmallow over chocolate graham cracker half. Top with second graham cracker half and gently press together.

  4. Slowly remove rod or skewer.

The excitement on the faces of the young the first time attempting to create their first memory making s'more will never be forgotten.

For the older more sage family member and more experienced s'more chefs the laughs of remembering how much fun it is now but also when they flash back with memories of the s'more experienced their first attempt of s'more greatness when they were a child.

The fun and smiles that exist during a visit are incredibly heartwarming to see as an owner of the Boulder Creek Lodge "The Happiest Place in Montana", but the joy of seeing the candy and laughs that many of our young guests have on their return from the World Famous Candy Store in Philipsburg "The Sweet Palace", is priceless.

Another place in Philipsburg that is very popular with families to visit for some fun and sapphire panning would be Montana Gems. They do an exceptionally good job of helping ALL family members enjoy the experience of panning for riches using a pan and water much like folks in Montana did in the 1800's.

While there may be a night where families enjoy the fun of cooking around the campfire outside of their cabin, tipi or wagon, do not forget about the wonderful breakfast and dinner menus that we offer at The Boulder Restaurant. The food is good, and we do everything to make it as affordable as possible for the enjoyment of the entire family.


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