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Best Quality Vacation for Family in Montana

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

As of today April 22, 2019 we kick off our fifth year of "Living our Dream" while owning Boulder Creek Lodge. A new guest and new friend of BCL will be staying in the really popular The Chapel rental cabin.

While our official open day is May 1, it was difficult to turn down the needs of a guest and new friend of our resort.

Shortly before shooting this video I walked down the Boulder Creek. I realized that although today was the day of our first cabin rental for 2019, I realized that it was still very early in the year. The water was cold, snow was still on the bank of the creek, and frost was covering the grass leading up to where I was enjoying a crisp morning in Southwest Montana.

I spent the day going from chilly and frost on the ground, to a point in the day when I was wearing just a polo shirt. :-) Only in Montana does weather change that quickly.

The day has been littered with little bump in the road. Discovered that my wife's chariot of choice during the summer (her golf cart) did not make it through the Montana winter in such good shape. There are four 12 volt batteries that make it go... and two the batteries when the ports are filled with distilled water it flowed directly onto the garage floor. :-(

There is however, an upside to the golf cart bump in the road. While Jennifer is not thrilled about the carts current status, believe me it will be fixed before she arrives toward the end of May. She does say its ok for now, and its ok to wait to get it fixed, because that way I will be forced to get my "steps in". ;-)

Went to Philipsburg yesterday, and drove by two of my favorite locations. Montana's favorite candy store The Sweet Palace has been getting ready for another exciting season of smiles. Already, the Philipsburg Brewing Company is a pretty hopping place on the corner.

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