WANTED: Information from The Great Montana Centennial Cattle Drive 1989

WANTED a history lesson from individuals that make up organizing groups Latigo and Roundup 89ers to replicate its 1989 epic cattle drive successes for an event of equal size in 2022.

I have been putting in a great deal of time and effort researching everything I can regarding the epic event known as "The Great Montana Centennial Cattle Drive of 1989".

Epic Cattle Drive of Montana Centennial Cattle Drive 1989
Montana Centennial Cattle Drive 1989

Sadly, over the years the trail of information is disappearing as this event happened in 1989 and its been 32 years.

The final counting of those that participated in event in 1989 included 2397 participants, 208 covered wagons, 3,337 horses, 2,812 head of cattle, 79 horse wranglers, and 113 drovers representing the 56 counties of Montana.

Organizing group for Great Montana Centennial Cattle Drive
Management List for Great Montana Centennial Cattle Drive - 1989

That size event is going to take a wide variety of supporting characters and professions throughout the Great State of Montana.

Partial List of Needed Professionals

Drovers: will be selected from the best-of-the-best from those located in Montana but also supplemented by drovers residing in surrounding states.

Other Professionals: will be involved in every aspect of planning and implementing such a large and very public event.

  1. Great importance is the involvement of elected state, local officials and community leaders of cities and towns located in southwest Montana along cattle drive pathway.

  2. State Ranchers (Land and Cattle) specifically in southwest Montana located along cattle drive pathway

  3. State and Local Law Enforcement in southwest Montana located along cattle drive pathway

  4. Overnight Special Event Logistics for human/cattle/equine

  5. Food Security Vendors

  6. Overnight Location Event Specialist

  7. Large Animal Veterinarians

  8. Human Medical professionals

  9. Legal Professionals

  10. Banking professionals

  11. Insurance professionals

  12. Cattle Drive Trail Community Outreach Coordinators located in southwest Montana along cattle drive pathway

  13. Kickoff and Final Night Event Coordination

  14. Public Relations professionals

  15. Media Relations professionals

  16. Event logistics Coordination professionals

  17. Other professionals will be added as need arises

"The Great American Cattle Drive"

Celebrating America's Resilient History and Strong Future

September 1 - 10, 2022

Every effort will be made to learn from the successes of the Latigo Corp and the Roundup 89'ers from the original centennial organizing groups as they did many things that should be replicated in 2022.

Please follow this blog as progress is being made toward this goal. At this point the idea is similar to the moment of those three guys imaging an epic idea on the dusty hood of their pickup. Nothing at this point is written in stone, but rather the thoughts of a new epic celebration is just beginning, with research and gathering available information from participants and organizers available from the 1989 event.

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