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September is Heart Attack Survivor Month at Boulder Creek Lodge & RV Park in 2019

Are you a heart attack survivor? Do you know one? Boulder Creek Lodge celebrates those that have survived the life changing experience of being a victim of suffering through a heart attack.

As a Widow Maker Heart Attack survivor at age 48 myself, I have learned over my eleven years of recovery, that being a part of the fraternity of heart attack victims is an ongoing emotional and physical challenge.

For me, the therapy that I chose for recovery some people think is counter intuitive in regards to eliminating stress, and hard physical work as a prescription for recovery. While perhaps not something my brilliant cardiologist from Northwestern Medicine would prescribe, the fun I am having along with my wife Jennifer owning and operating Boulder Creek Lodge is my perfect non drug related therapy. The fun I have with guests at our resort uplifts me each and every day. Being able to chat with and discuss life with our guests is both inspiring and enlightening.

This September, join us at Boulder Creek Lodge and help us celebrate surviving a heart attack, and doing some serious relaxing and mental downtime. Bring your RV and stay in our RV Park or plan on staying in one of our comfortable cabins.

Mention this blog post and as a heart attack survivor receive a 10% discount on your accommodations during your September visit to Boulder Creek Lodge.

The Rancher Cabin at Boulder Creek Lodge Montana
The Rancher Cabin the perfect overnight accommodation at Boulder Creek Lodge


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