Epic Great American Wagon & Cattle Drive - 2023 Celebration of Americas toughness & adaptability

Updated: Jan 4

There are few American made experiences that are more symbolic of the United States since its founding in 1776.

The wagon and cattle drive experience not only played a pivotal role in the founding of towns and villages in the east, but also the great western frontier, west of the Mississippi River.

The Great American Wagon & Cattle Drive - 2023

"Live frontier history while fulfilling your true western dream"

September 1 - 10, 2023

1989 Great Montana Centennial Cattle Drive

Fast forward to September of 2023, the United States will have accomplished similar outcomes post Covid-19.

We as Americans will be in need of doing something, anything, that can not be only enjoyed as an experience, but also as a way to participate in something symbolic.

The symbolism that represents the core foundation of American toughness and resiliency to the adversity of life post Covid-19 will be ready to stand tall and proud. What better way to show than to participate in The Great American Wagon & Cattle Drive - 2023, taking place in the heart of the great western frontier, Montana.

Cowboys & Cowgirls during campfire 1989 Cattle Drive

This epic drive will be organized as a 501-C3 not-for-profit endeavor that will be much like the 1989 Montana Centennial Cattle Drive will be largely organized by volunteers. that will coordinating the critical operational activities.

Drive Participants:

Drovers, Wranglers, Wagon Train Participants, Horseback Riders

Participation Goals:

2,500 participants

220 covered wagons

3,500 horses

3,000 head of cattle

90 horse wranglers

140 drovers

Drive Professionals: will be involved in every aspect of planning and implementing such a large and very public event.

  1. Great importance is the involvement of elected state, local officials and community leaders of cities and towns located in southwest Montana along cattle drive pathway.

  2. State Ranchers (Land and Cattle) specifically in southwest Montana located along cattle drive pathway

  3. State and Local Law Enforcement in southwest Montana located along cattle drive pathway

  4. Overnight Special Event Logistics for human/cattle/equine

  5. Food Vendors

  6. Security

  7. Overnight Location Event Specialist

  8. Large Animal Veterinarians

  9. Human Medical professionals

  10. Legal Professionals

  11. Banking professionals

  12. Insurance professionals

  13. Cattle Drive Trail Community Outreach Coordinators located in southwest Montana along cattle drive pathway

  14. Kickoff and Final Night Event Coordination

  15. Public Relations professionals

  16. Media Relations professionals

  17. Event logistics Coordination professionals

  18. Other professionals will be added as need arises

"The Great American Wagon & Cattle Drive - 2023" will take place in heart of the American West in beautiful Southwest Montana. Vendors originating in Missoula, Montana, Butte, Montana, and Helena, Montana will play a large role in this very special event.

Some of the key players in the success of the Great Montana Centennial Cattle Drive back in 1989 was the partnership with local medias. KTVQ out of Billings, Montana was pivotal in the 1989 cattle drive.

Geographically, NBC - Montana, KECI-TV out of Missoula, Montana, ABC - Fox Montana KTMF-TV and NTMF-TV and CBS - KPAX Montana will be major players in the 2023 cattle drive event.

Helena will be playing a prominent role in the 2023 cattle drive and thus should their media. CBS - KXLH, ABC - Fox, NBC -KTVH will be critical in providing information to cattle drive participants.

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