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Boulder Creek Lodge & RV Park is "The Happiest Place in Montana".

:-) Families, both large and small that visit us at our resort often creates hugs, smiles and frequent audible laughs. :-) :-)

All too often the stresses of day-to-day life gets in the way of quality "family time". Between the necessary time dedicated to school, jobs, neighborhood happenings the family unit has become texting, FaceTime, and public and private communications on FaceBook or SnapChat.

Speaking from personal experience of growing up in the Midwest, thoughts of exploring the western United States consisted of TV or Cable travel shows, travel magazines and from time-to-time a documentary on PBS on Glacier or Yellowstone.

I would encourage those that grew up in similar circumstances to sit down as a group or family and plan your summer of smiles and re-connecting the family with a trip to southwest Montana and our resort Boulder Creek Lodge and RV Park.

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