Boulder Creek Lodge and RV Park is For Sale

Jennifer and I LOVE being the owners of our dream resort that we have built from virtually nothing with the help of our BCL guest family over the last 6 years.

However, we also realize that the finding of the right person or persons to take over what has become our passion, is not something likely to happen overnight. 

Jennifer and I want everyone reading this to know that we are not making this decision based on a lack of support from our BCL family of guests.  In fact, it has been very much the contrary as each and every year as been improvement of previous year growth.

Since our purchase of Boulder Creek Lodge in June of 2015 we have grown very nicely each and every year as much as we could have dreamed. While 2020 has been a bit bumpy (as a result of Covid - 19), with a little bit of business fine tuning along the way, we were able to exceed financial results from all previous years. 

Our passion as owners of Boulder Creek Lodge and RV Park will not change in any way operationally as we pursue new owners and all commitments of reservations will be honored as a reservation 100% moving forward.


This journey of selling our beloved BCL will take time and we are not in a rush, but willing to talk with those that are interested in continuing what Jennifer and I have built over the last six years.